“Big Number” of Civil Aviation And Meteorology Losses Till Mid-2019


The Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority said that the material losses caused by the Saudi-led aerial aggression, until the end of the year 2019, are amounted to $3.3 billion dollars.

The General Authority for Civil Aviation and Meteorology explained that the direct losses of the General Authority of Civil Aviation and meteorology referring to the infrastructure of facilities and technical equipment at airports and other sectors supervised by the authority are estimated at $1.65 Billion.

Losses in sectors directly related to civil aviation such as travel, air cargo, automated booking systems and franchisees amounted to $559 million.

The loss of revenues was due to the cessation of most air and non-air activities at airports and its sectors estimated at $160 million. The losses of the Authority from the expected revenues of projects stopped due to aggression estimated at $90 million.

The estimated losses of Yemenia Airways are $650 million. The estimated losses for Al-Saeedah Airlines are at $86 million.

The estimated losses caused by the aggression targeting two civilian cargo aircraft IL-76 of the Yemeni government are estimated at $105 million.

Raed Talib noted that about 80% of the employees in the air transport sector lost their jobs as a result of the US-Saudi aggression.


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