President Al-Mashat Speech on the Anniversary of November 30th


President of the Supreme Political Council in the capital Sana’a, Mahdi al-Mashat, on Friday, congratulated all the Yemenis in general, their tribes, the army and popular committees on the occasion of Independence Day, which coincides with November 30 of each year.

He confirmed that ” the occasion of November 30th, is a renewal of the liberation project until the full independence of Yemen”.

“The anniversary of independence is an opportunity to renew the project to liberate the land and decisions ,” Mahdi al-Mashat said in the occasion’s speech, the occasion of the 52nd anniversary of the National Independence Day of southern Yemen from British occupation.

He called on the free fighters to “take lessons from the past events “.

In his televised speech, al-Mashat expressed regret for the situation in the southern provinces of Yemen, which are controlled by the Saudi-led coalition forces, the UAE and their militias, as “forces of invasion and a new foreign occupation”,

He said: “It is sad that this occasion is taking place, while Aden is again under control of new occupation.”

“The 30th of November will continue to be a testament to the machinations of the conflict between right and wrong and between the oppressor and the oppressed, from which the militants must get their firm determination and certainty of the inevitability of victory,” President Mehdi Al-Mashat added.

“We affirm that our celebration of the 30th anniversary of November 1967 today is an opportunity to renew our resolve to continue to liberate the resolution.”, al-Mashat added.

He also praised all honorable national positions of all the political forces, parties, and Yemeni tribes, praising the role of scientists, intellectuals, media, education, health and the efforts of all state institutions in all authorities.


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