A Russian Citizen Reveals Information Related to Targeting the Journalist, Abdullah Sabri


A Russian citizen reported that a man and woman from a relief organization visited the building where the journalist Abdullah Sabri lived three days before he was targeted by an airstrike of US-Saudi aggression.

“The neighbors told us that a man and woman from a relief organization went to the building to inquire about its residents and were looking for a journalist working for (Ansarollah) media,” said Dr. Shams Al-Nuaimi in a statement to the Arabic-speaking channel Russia Today today. “Three days after they came, the house was bombed by an airstrike.”

Shams Al-Nuaimi, who holds Russian citizenship and her family, recently arrived in Moscow after the Russian Foreign Ministry intervened to evacuate them from Yemen, according to her husband, Ousan Belaid, who told the channel the effects of the airstrike carried out by the aggression coalition on the Raqqas neighborhood of the capital, Sana’a, in mid-May 2019.

Shams, who was wounded by the raid, said: “This fierce war launched by the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia has caused us everything, we lost our home and we were going to lose our lives.”

Commenting on the reason for the targeting, the Russian doctor said: “But the building is full of families, neighboring a school, and this does not justify the brutal bombing and killing of innocents. It is terrible and inhuman.”

On the 11th of last Ramadan, the US-Saudi Aggression Alliance targeted the residential neighborhood of Raqqas with an airstrike that killed and wounded dozens, including four children from one family.

The criminal report issued by the Ministry of the Interior revealed that the center of the missile explosion that occurred on the building of Haj Hassan Al-Ezzi was in the apartment of journalist Abdullah Sabri and his family, which confirms the deliberate targeting, contrary to the claim of the spokesman of the aggression coalition, who at the time claimed that the raid was wrong.

Mother of Sabri and his two sons, Louay and Hassan, was killed in the raid, while Sabri, the head of the Yemeni Media Union, sustained fractures and cuts to his legs, and he is still undergoing physical therapy.


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