The Coast Guard Brigades : “Our response to the crimes of the aggression will be painful , it will regret its arrogance”

The West Coast Guard Brigades warned the aggression forces of continuing to target the city of al-Duryhimi in al-Hodeidah province and of committing horrific crimes against citizens in light of the shame of the international community and its humanitarian organizations , stressing that the response to the crimes of aggression will be painful.

Staff of war of the Coast Guard Brigades, Brigadier Abdullah Al-Wazir, stated in a statement to the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) that the continuation of the aggression forces and their mercenaries in besieging the city of al-Duryhimi , preventing the entry of food and medicine and targeting citizens is a war crime that does not lapse by prescription.

He stressed the readiness of the brigades  of the Coast’s Guard to respond to the violations and crimes of the aggression which increased against the sons of al-Duryhimi and the West Coast during the past few days.

Brigadier-General indicated that the response of the Coast Guard brigades to the crimes of the aggression forces will be painful and they will regret their arrogance and the crimes they committed against the citizens of al-Duryhimi who live in disastrous conditions.

He pointed out that the forces of aggression did not abide to any agreements and did not allow food and medicine aid to enter the city, which are crimes of genocide against its sons.

He reiterated ,at the end of his statement ,warning the aggression forces that the Coast Guard Brigades will not stand idly with regard to the crimes and violations against citizens.

It is noteworthy that the city of al-Duryhimi has been besieged by the forces of aggression for more than a year, and its residents suffer from tragic humanitarian conditions due to the denial of food and medicine, in addition to the bombing and targeting by various weapons.

Civil society organizations and various official and popular activities have demanded the lifting of the siege on al-Duryhimi and considered it a crime of genocide against its residents.

Meanwhile, the group of prominent international and regional experts on Yemen in its latest report accused the coalition of taking siege as a collective punishment against the civilians in al-Duryhimi.


قد يعجبك ايضا
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