The External Communication Team: Aggression Carried Out 7,628 Hostilities Last October


The report of the external communication team during October 2019 mentioned that the US-Saudi aggression carried out 7 thousand and 628 hostilities, including airstrikes, missile and artillery shelling in the country.

The Director-General of Air Transport at the General Authority of Civil Aviation, Dr. Mazen Al-Soufi emphasized during an event held in the capital Sana’a about the role of Yemeni activists abroad who oppose the aggression, in the presence of members of the Supreme Political Council and ministers in the Salvation Government and leaders of parties and civil society organizations, that the United Nations shows a failure in pressure on the aggression to lift the siege on Sana’a airport.

He added that Yemeni and Arab activists abroad recorded honorable stances in pressure to lift the blockade of Sana’a airport, in parallel with an international failure and a Security Council deficit.

He pointed out that 12 international humanitarian and human rights organizations consider the blockade of the main airport in Yemen an unforgivable crime, pointing out that the Norwegian Council called for the reopening of Sana’a airport and considered its closure as a hindrance to the arrival of aid.

He noted that the reports and data of Human Rights Watch, Doctors Without Borders and the Red Cross called for the urgent reopening of Sana’a airport.

For his part, Deputy Minister of Emigrants Zayed Al-Riyami said that 95% of expatriate remittances come through money exchange offices and are spent on consumer goods.

As well as four working papers were presented in the event, the first by Zaid Al-Riyami, and the second by Dr. Mazen Al-Soufi. The third working paper by Ali Hussein Al-Dailami, and the fourth by Ambassador Abdul EIlah Hajar.


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