No Government Established for Southern Yemen, the Deadline Passed


The fugitive Hadi government and Southern Transitional Council have failed to meet a deadline to establish a power-sharing government, AFP reported.

The two sides say they are committed to the agreement but have traded accusations over who is responsible for the failure to meet the deadline to form a new government.

The source added that there are deep differences and military tensions between Hadi’s forces and the AUE’s Southern Transitional Militias in many southern provinces.

In early August, the city of Aden witnessed violent clashes between Saudi-backed forces, and the southern transitional militias that managed to take control of Aden on August 10th, and the expulsion of the Emirati elite militia from the city of Ataq, the capital of Shabwah province.

Saudi Arabia sponsored the Riyadh Accord on November 5, giving itself the right to control all southern provinces, with all Hadi’s military forces and the southern transitional militia being driven out of Aden.

Observers confirmed that the security chaos in the city of Aden puts all the southern provinces for unknown future.

Every day, Yemeni society is increasing recognize the reality of the US-Saudi aggression, and its destructive malicious project through new crimes that occur against civilians, such as rape, murder, and kidnapping of women, children, without any religious, moral or humanitarian deterrent of aggression’s mercenaries.


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