Zionst’s Media reacts with Latest Warnings of the Yemeni Minister of Defense


The Hebrew newspapers reacted to the warnings of the Yemeni Defense Minister, Major General Muhammad Al-Atefi, in which he referred to the readiness of the Yemeni Armed Forces to respond to any Israeli aggression, specifying land and sea list of Israeli.

Major General Al-Atefi’s comments received great attention in the Hebrew newspapers, which contributed to the analysis of the statements, warning of what they called the danger coming from Yemen.

The Times of Israel published an investigation in which it stated that the Yemenis’ capabilities, such as winged missiles and drones, are difficult to detect and intercept. It noted that it is difficult for the Israeli enemy to prevent any attack from Yemen because the IDF’s medium and long-range defenses are in a position to shoot down missiles from the north only.

The Jerusalem Post, in turn, said that the statements came as threats made by Ansarullah continuously. The newspaper stopped at the statement by General Emotional, which stated that all preparations necessary for large-scale strategic attacks that would cripple the enemy’s capabilities had been completed.

The Hebrew I24 website also touched on the statements of the Yemeni defense minister, pointing out that what Ansarullah entered the line of ongoing tensions in the region with Israeli enemy.

In turn, the Hebrew Israel National News website, dealt with the statements of Maj. Gen. Al-Atefi, in detail and extensive analysis.

The website focused on the statement that stated, “There is a high readiness for the Yemeni military and we will not hesitate to target the Israeli enemy if the leadership decides to do so.”


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