81 Tons of WFP’s Expired Foodstuffs Destroyed in Hodeidah


Hygiene Fund and  Irregularities Prosecution Office in Hodeidah on Tuesday destroyed 81 tons of basic foodstuffs belonging to the World Food Program and one of the merchants in the governorate.


The destruction process was attended by the prosecutor for the irregularities, Judge Ahmed Ali Al-Soufi, the director of the hygiene project, Abda Muhammad Al-Ahdal, and the deputy director of the branch of the Supreme Council for Humanitarian Affairs, Abdullah Al-Ahdal.


Hodeidah Sub-Governor, Abdul-Jabbar Ahmad Muhammad, indicated that this quantity of expired basic foodstuffs has been seized in the stores of the World Food Program and the stores of one of the merchants in the governorate amounting to 81 tons and 150 kilos of flour, legumes and cooking oils.


He pointed out that the leadership of the governorate and other concerned parties will take all legal measures against international organizations working in the governorate that import or store expired foodstuffs until they are damaged, expired, depriving those in need.


The Sub-Governor called on the international organizations working in the governorate to convert the food aid that is provided to the poor and those in need to cash aid, as it will be more beneficial to the poor and the needy, praising the efforts of the Hygiene Fund, the Irregularities Prosecution Office and the security services in controlling this large quantity of expired food items and destroying them.


For his part, the Executive Director of the Hygiene and Improvement Fund in Hodeidah, AbduIlah Al-Ahdal, pointed out that the process of destroying this quantity of expired foodstuffs, which are 41 tons of cooking oils, 40 tons, and 150 kilos of flour, beans and lentils,  came after all legal procedures were completed.


He strongly condemned the actions of the World Food Program in storing this large amount of food until it expired and became unfit for human consumption and depriving the poor and needy.


تليقرام انصار الله
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