Big Creep in al-Jawf , Five others in Border Fronts Foiled


The Armed Forces spokesman, Brigadier General Yahya Sare’e, on Thursday, revealed the latest military developments on the Yemeni-Saudi border frontlines, saying that the Army and the Popular Committees were able to encounter a large Saudi military creep in Al-Jawf province, indicating that the aggression supported the creeps with more than 30 airstrikes, yet, without making any progress.

A spokesman for the armed forces confirmed that the Rocketry Force supported the Army and the Popular Committees in the encountering operation; they had successfully fired a ballistic Qasim missile at the mercenaries reinforcements,explaining that scores of Saudi soldiers and Sudanese mercenaries were killed and injured in the encountering operation.

Yemeni Army and Popular Committees foiled large creep attempts of the aggression forces in the border frontlines, supported with air coverage, with more 6 airstrikes.


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