The Armed Forces Spokesman Confirms that 656 Citizens Martyred ,Wounded since the Signing of the Truce Agreement, Warns the Aggression Forces against any Escalation Steps


The Armed Forces spokesman, Brigadier General “Yahya Sare’a”, confirmed that the number of martyrs and wounded since the signing of the truce reached more than 656 ones, warning the aggression forces against taking any escalatory steps.

The spokesman said in a statement that the Yemeni army and popular forces and the people’s committees are prepared to respond to any steps to escalate militarily by the coalition and its mercenaries.

Sare’arevealed that 656 people have been killed and wounded, including women and children and wounded in the West Coast as a result of 30903 violations carried out by coalition and its mercenaries since Dec,18, 2018.

“Forces are committed to implementing the UN-sponsored Stockholm Agreement unilaterally, such as redeployment in the Hodeidah ports, stabilization of the ceasefire,”Sare’aadded.

The spokesman affirmed that the coalition and its mercenaries have continued to impose the siege on Durayhimi city and prevent the arrival of food and medicine for the citizens, which confirms their seriousness in breaching the agreement.

He held the United Nations and the Security Council the responsibility for escalating steps and violations by the aggression forces in the western Coast front.



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