Foreign Policy Magazine: $ 725 billion, the losses of Saudi Arabia in its war on Yemen within 6 months


The American magazine “Foreign Policy” revealed that Saudi Arabia’s losses in its war against Yemen exceed $ 725 billion during the 6 months of its aggression that began in March 2015.

The report said that this large amount was spent to kill Yemeni children and women and destroy the infrastructure, without Saudi Arabia achieving any real military achievements.

Rather, the war has cost Saudi Arabia huge sums that will make it stand on the brink of bankruptcy.

The magazine pointed out that Saudi Arabia hires two warships, followed by 6 accompanying frigates, where the ship’s rent amounts to 150 million dollars per day or 300 million dollars per day for the two warships and their accessories, and the ship carries 6000 soldiers with their gear and 450 aircraft, and also has long-range guns and missiles, the total costs of the two boats with their accessories amounted to 54 billion dollars within 6 months.

The magazine added that Saudi Arabia rents two satellites for military purposes, the cost per hour is one million dollars, and with a simple calculation, we find that the cost of the two satellites per day is 48 million dollars, or one billion and 440 million dollars during one month, equivalent to 8 billion and 640 million dollars, during 6 Months.

Besides the cost of analyzing, displaying and extracting information from the images and data of the military satellites, $ 5 million per day per moon, or $ 10 million per day, or $ 300 million per month, bringing the amount to one billion and 800 million dollars within 6 months.

Saudi Arabia also hires an AWACS plane at a cost of $ 250,000 an hour, or $ 6 million per day, equivalent to $ 180 million per month, or $ 1 billion and $ 80 million within 6 months.

On the direct war side in the aggression against Yemen, the Saudi aggression air forces carried out approximately 35,000 raids launched by more than 150 aircraft, during which 140,000 missiles were fired at targets, most of them civilians and populated, “in their forms and types, including the internationally prohibited”, 40,000 missiles “a small size” “The cost of each of them is 150 thousand dollars, with a total of 6 billion dollars, and 50 thousand medium-sized missiles, the cost of one of them is 300 thousand dollars, with a total of 15 billion dollars, and 50 thousand rockets of large size, the cost of each of them is 500 thousand dollars with a total of 25 billion.

The magazine continued to calculate the Saudi losses in its aggression against Yemen, by calculating the costs of air supply and fuel for the planes, as the cost of maintenance, spare parts and kerosene for each plane in a single raid is $ 150,000, and if hit by the total number of raids, the result is $ 5 billion.

She pointed out that the Saudi regime bought US-made weapons worth $ 150 billion, adding training and maintenance and spare parts for 5 years, and purchased aircraft from France worth $ 36 billion “Rafale planes”, and the Saudis also paid $ 26 billion to buy “Rafale” planes. French ”provided as a gift to Egypt.

Included in the losses is the modern tank that Saudi Arabia lost on its borders with Yemen, which numbered 300.


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