Saudi-led aggression forces target citizens in Hodeidah


In the few past hours, the brutal US-Saudi aggression has escalated its targeting of populated villages and cities in Hodeidah province, in light of its continued siege on the city of Duraihmi.

A security source in the province stated that the forces of aggression targeted missile and artillery shelling and medium weapons in separate districts of Hodeidah, causing extensive damage to citizens’ properties.

The source pointed out that military bulldozers of the aggression forces are developing combat fortifications north of 50th Street, while continuing to bomb the city of Hodeidah and the neighboring directorates, in clear and flagrant violation of the Sweden agreement.

The source pointed out that the residents of the Duraihmi city are still under the siege of the criminal aggression for a year and a half, in light of the continuous targeting of its citizens and committing war crimes against them, especially women and children.

The matter in Yemen for international organizations, such as “making fanfare and not producing flour” when it became related to the presence of international organizations working in the humanitarian field in Yemen, you only find the expansion of their noise, but the humanitarian crises increase in the country.


قد يعجبك ايضا
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