Protests stand in Hodeidah to condemn the continued violations of aggression


Many districts of Hodeidah province organized mass tribal stands to denounce the continuation of the violations of the aggression and their disavowal from the implementation of the Sweden Agreement and the continuation of the siege on the city of Duraihmi for more than a year.

Sons of al-Meena district organized for a protest, on Sunday, to denounce the continuation of the violations of the aggression, and its disavowal from the implementation of the Stockholm Agreement, continuing the siege of Duraihmi district.

In the protest, the acting governor, Mohamed Ayash Quhim, and the head of the provincial services committee, Suleiman Halisi, praised the attitudes of the sons of the province in facing the aggression, their steadfastness, and their stability, for nearly 5 years despite the continued aggression and the siege.

Protesters called on the United Nations, human rights and legal organizations to take human and legal responsibility towards the aggression and genocide that the Yemeni people have been subjected to for nearly five years under suspicious international and UN silence.

A statement issued at the vigil, protesters condemned the continued aggression in spilling the blood of civilians, destroying their homes, blockading the Yemeni people, preventing the entry of food and medicine to starve them, and continuing violations of the Stockholm Agreement by bombing civilians in the districts of Tuhaita, Duraihmi, Beit Al-Faqih, Al-Hali, Al-Hawk and kilo Seta’sh (16).

The protesters denounced the United Nations’ collusion with the aggression and its silence regarding the crimes committed against the Yemeni people, especially children and women, as well as the aggression forces’ denial of entry to ships of oil derivatives and foodstuffs, the ports of Hodeidah, despite obtaining permits by the United Nations.


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