Minister of Health launches the fourth stage of training in microsurgery


Minister of Public Health and Population Dr. Taha Al-Mutawakil inaugurated the training lab at al-Sabe’en Surgical Center, the fourth and final stage of training in microscopic surgery.

The final stage targets micro-microscopic surgery on animals under general anesthesia.

Minister Al-Mutawakil listened to the organizers of the training program to explain the goals of this stage, in which specialized surgeries in blood vessels, cosmetology, restoration, burns, face, jaws, general surgery, and orthopedics participate.

They pointed out that the stage aims to develop the skills of surgeons in performing microscopic operations such as reconstructing amputated organs that need microscopic surgery or performing cosmetic restorations and others in the case of injuries that lead to organ loss.

Dr. Al-Mutawakil emphasized the importance of such specialized training that contributes to the refinement of accurate surgical skills and contribute to the completion of specific operations.


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