Aggression’s Battleships oversee dumping of chemical pollutants in the Red Sea


In the context of aggression forces’ seeking to destroy the cultivation and the offspring and destroy Yemen’s oil and marine capabilities and wealth, the aggression forces set up chemical materials in the international shipping lane in the Red Sea.

The director-general of the marine control of the Ministry, Mohamed Abbas Al-Faqih, said that “the ministry has received about 12 reports from fishermen that foreign ships under the supervision and control of the barges of the Saudi-led aggression throw chemical pollutants in the international shipping lane in the Red Sea.”

Al-Faqih explained that since March 2015, the Yemeni authorities have been unable to control ships that carry chemical pollution because of the militarization of the aggression alliance for the Red Sea region and the spread of its ships on the Yemeni water borders.

He also showed that the reports received by Yemeni fishermen about throwing foreign ships of chemical pollutants in the Red Sea do not represent only 10% of the actual reality.

Al-Faqih pointed out that Emirati companies are systematically destroying the marine environment of the Yemeni islands in the archipelago of Hunish and Zuqr, which is bulldozing, uprooting the coral and transporting them to the Emirates.

He added that the longitudinal meter of the coral reef that is being uprooted needs 150 years to grow again, and this behavior describes the enormity of the UAE offense against the marine environment of the Red Sea and the right of Yemen in it.


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