The aggression forces don’t implement any clause of the Sweden agreement ,the United Nations doesn’t fulfill its obligations:Yemeni official


Major General Ali al-Mushki, the head of the national team at the coordination and redeployment committee in Hodeidah, on Tuesday said the team grabbed a national document establishing a peaceful process in Yemen.

“We were able to grab a national document to establish the peace process in Yemen if the aggression forces have real intention to peace,” Maj. Gen. al-Mushki said in a statement to Al-Masirah TV Channel, during a press conference held in Hodeidah province on the humanitarian situation in light of violations of Sweden Agreement by the aggression and mercenaries for a full year.

He confirmed that the aggression countries have not present anything for the Sweden agreement since its signing, and even the United Nations has neither acted nor fulfilled its obligations.

The UN mission team has left during the negotiations, and when asked about the reason, they justified that by the UAE’s objection to this step, he pointed out.

“The Sweden agreement did not present anything to al-Durayhimi city, besieged for a year and a half, although the agreement was necessarily humanitarian,” al-Mushki said.

The UN delegation and the ICRC did not provide assistance to residents of al-Durayhimi when they were allowed to enter the city recently, but rather offered them to move from their homes and leave their properties, he affirmed.

“We have made concessions and unilateral steps in the Sweden agreement in an effort to spare the people of Hodeidah the suffering and lift the injustice and siege imposed on them,” Maj. Gen. al-Mushki added.


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