YPC confirms the stability of the supply situation of oil derivatives


The Yemeni Petroleum Company affirmed that the rationing situation for oil derivatives is stable in the capital and other provinces, denied the validity of rumors of supply bottlenecks.

“We assure the citizens of the stability of the supply situation, the continued operation of 126 petrol stations in the capital’s secretariat and the expansion of the number of stations in the provinces,” the company said in a statement.

The company added in its statement: “We confirm that there is absolutely no truth regarding rumors alleging the emergence of supply bottlenecks for oil derivatives in the domestic market.”

“Large quantities of gasoline from Hodeidah facilities have been loaded in excess of 2 million liters to the capital’s secretariat and 10 million liters to the provinces,” the statement pointed out.

The statement called on all citizens to be reassured and not to be dragged behind tendentious rumors and suspicious calls to provoke panic by the Saudi-led aggression.

The company’s confirmation comes at a time when the company’s spokesman confirmed that “the Saudi-led aggression continues to detain seven ships of oil derivatives at sea and prevent their entry into the port of Hodeidah despite the authorization of the United Nations mechanism.


تليقرام انصار الله
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