The Minister of Health directs public and private hospitals to raise the maximum preparedness to face H1N1 flu


The Health Minister ,Dr.Taha al-Mutawakil, directed all public and private hospitals to raise the readiness to face the swine flu.

During his visit to several hospitals, the Minister directed also to receive all suspected cases and Prepare the isolation rooms.

Doctor Taha Thanked the health and medical staffs that provide treatment and emergency services.

Dr. Al-Mutawakkil emphasized the readiness of the medical and health sector in the various provinces to confront this disease, pointing out that this seasonal flu occurs every year, especially in cold areas during cold days.

 There is no major concern from this pandemic, not all cases are H1N1 infection, noting that 1,600 cases of seasonal flu have been recorded, including 48 deaths, including only 8 confirmed cases of H1N1 flu.


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