Sayyed Abdulmalik al-Houthi: Our heroic men on American tanks with their shoes due to the strength of their faith

The leader of the revolution, Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr Al-Din al-Houthi, affirmed that their heroic men are on the broken American tanks with their shoes due to the strength of their faith.

Wednesday, Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr Al-Din al -Houthi gave a speech entitled “Faith is Yemeni” in a meeting gathering scientific and social personalities and officials in the country, in which he made it clear that the greatest Prophet praised Yemen with the phrase “faith is Yemeni” which has many meanings more than if he said that the Yemeni people are believing people , indicating that God Almighty promised those who were characterized as believing with victory and success when he said, “God defends those who believe.”

The sincerity of the faith affiliation is a practical commitment, and they must be aware that nothing will preserve their existence like the sincerity of belonging.They are now facing a cultural and intellectual war and the enemy is trying to influence them with things against of their identity , explaining that the state of cultural emptiness will allow the enemy to succeed in the cultural invasion because the individual will be without immunity to confront and once there is no cultural immunity for the young person, he will be affected automatically, so how about the organized work on him,Sayyed affirmed.

The enemies seek to strip them of their faithful identity in order to guarantee complete control over them because if the enemy does not control their thoughts, spirit, culture and will, he will not be able to control their land, sovereignty, and independence , indicating that the enemy only gives then epidemics and does not give civilization or science and this is what they saw in Iraq when America killed the scholars there, he explained.

The enemies want to give them evil in order to become a  meager and lost nation that lacks the will, strength and attitude. If a person becomes corrupt and trivial , he will not be a strong and willful element in his nation . They are now facing a war in which they used all the military and economic means to control them , but they failed, he said.

The enemies failed to control them ,Yemeni people, because they possess the moral force and trusted in God and his promise of victory ,stressing that their attitudes were strong with the strength of their faith and the steadfastness of their youth in all these fronts , al-Houthi stated.

The man of their nation stands in the field while the enemies come with all their modern potential , but he doesn’t retreat ,their heroic men have been on the broken American tanks with their shoes due to the strength of their faith, ,they will face challenges with the strength of faith and with all the firmness ,faith affiliation is their greatest fortress … and they ,Yemeni people ,will not deny God’s grace and their faithful affiliation with the faith is a great and honorable affiliation,he added.


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