More than 7 thousand martyrs and wounded people in Hodeidah since the beginning of the aggression


Tahama Organization for Rights and Human Heritage ,Wednesday ,said that 7,217 civilians have been killed or wounded in Hodeidah province since the start of Saudi-American aggression against Yemen in March 2015.

A statistic released by the organization showed that 3,481 citizens, including 693 children and 305 women, were killed, and 3,736 citizens were injured, including 486 children and 219 women until December 13, 2019.

The aggression damaged two airports in the province, 19, 948 houses, 12 ports, 86 hospitals and health centers, 78 telecommunication networks and stations, 3,530 schools and media, commercial, educational, sports and tourist facilities.

The organization’s statistic added that the aggression targeted 68 popular markets, 1,723 agricultural fields, 581 water reservoirs and networks, 928 roads and bridges, 445 fishing boats, 84 fuel stations, three ships, 125 electric stations and generators, 263 mosques, 105 factories, 31 archeological monuments, 67 fuel tankers and 19 cemeteries.

The aggression , in addition, hit 238 food trucks, 274 food stores, 18 camps, 38 agricultural equipment, 79 poultry and livestock raising farms, 1,174 cars, 22 international and local organizations, 17 checkpoints and outlets in several districts of the province, according to the organization statistic.


قد يعجبك ايضا
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