Tehama Org. reveals statistics of victims, material losses left by aggression on Hodeidah


Tehama Organization for Rights, Development and Human Heritage said that 7,217 civilians have been bombed by the warplanes of the US-Saudi aggression in Hodeidah province since its beginning in March 2015.

A statistic issued by the organization said, on Wednesday, that three 3481 citizens, including 693 children and 305 women, were killed and three 3736 citizens were injured, including 486 children and 219 women, as of December 13.

The statistic showed that the US-Saudi aggression destroyed two airports in Hodiedah, 19948 homes, 12 ports, 86 hospitals and health centers, 78 networks and communication stations, 3530 schools and media, commercial, educational, sports, and tourist facilities.

It pointed out that the aggression targeted 68 popular markets, 1723 agricultural fields, 581 reservoirs and water networks, 928 roads and bridges, 445 fishing boats, 84 fuel stations and three ships, 125 power and generators stations, 263 mosques, 105 factories, 31 archeological monuments, 67 fuel tankers, and 19 cemeteries.

The US-Saudi aggression also targeted 238 food trucks, 274 food stores, 18 camps, 38 agricultural equipment, 79 chicken farms, livestock breeding, 1174 cars, 22 international and local organizations, 17 points and crossings in the various provinces.

In a new reading, Human Eye Center for Rights and Development, an independent civil society organization that publishes periodic reports on civilian casualties and civilian infrastructure, issued a statistical report on the scale of civilian casualties suffered in Yemen for nearly five years by US-Saudi aggression.

The Center confirmed that 42,135 civilians were killed and wounded as a result of the direct shelling of the aggression coalition, especially the airstrikes that exceeded half a million raids and 2689 women. According to the report, killing and injuring children by direct shelling accounted for more than 25% of the total number of civilian victims.


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