Vigils under the slogan “our identity is faith in the testimony of prophecy” in the Yemeni capital


The capital Sanaa were the scene of several vigils after the Friday prayer to condemn the crimes and massacres committed by the American-Saudi aggression forces and the blockade imposed on Yemen under the title “Our identity is faith in the testimony of prophecy”.

The participants affirmed the Yemeni people’s commitment to their identity of faith and to go on holding steadfast in the face of aggression and their soft war.

They also emphasized that the cultural heritage of our Yemeni people must be preserved and relied upon in the fight against terrorist ideology hostile to world peace.

They , in addition, stressed the importance of strengthening the bonds of love, cohesion and fortifying the home front with knowledge, principles, values and tolerant Islamic morals.



قد يعجبك ايضا
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