The mother “Khamisa Abdo” is added to the victims’ list of aggression and siege

The most frequently repeated phrases without any trace are: “The United Nations says that a child dies in Yemen every 10 minutes.” “20 million Yemenis need urgent food aid.” “80% of Yemenis have been put in the siege prison for nearly five years, in light of an unavoidable global silence.” “5,000 Yemeni children annually develop tumors.” “More than 30% of the patients need to travel for treatment purposes are children, hundreds of them have died, as a result of the continued closure of Sana’a International Airport.” “Hundreds of patients with kidney failure die every month”.

Shortly before, Amal Hussein, she died as a result of the siege, which afflicted her with severe malnutrition. Her condition summarized the situation of thousands of Yemeni children who are suffering under a global silence and no one cares about their condition.

Today we are talking about (Khamisa Abdo) a woman who is about 60 years old, she lived in the Hajjah governorate, northwest of the capital, Sana’a, she had breast cancer but doctors failed in removed it because she is from a poor family.

That family entered into a confrontation with this deadly disease that had spread in Khamisa, the mother, body without mercy.

Her young son in twenties is struggling for the survival of this family, he works as a driver for a van transport on Hajjah-Sana’a road for a small fee.

With his mother’s illness and the severity of her pain, he decided to move his family to a modest house at the northern entrance to Sana’a to be near to hospitals, he remained in an intense struggle, to provide family’s living, mother’s treatment expenses, and the accumulation of debts on him such as renting the house, etc, it reached the limits of half a million Riyals.

The tragedy of this family appeared a few days ago with the program of one of the channels, but the issue did not take the required level of importance.

It did not take days for the painful story to reach Hajjah governorate, while the news of the departure of (Khamisa), she had left her village on her feet, but returned inside a coffin. She lived poverty, sickness, displacement, and she never felt a taste of happiness.

In the past two years, Yemen recorded nearly 80,000 cases of cancer, and nearly 20 thousand of them died, because they were not allowed to travel abroad for treatment, as well as due to the continuous blockade of their medicines, solutions or specific materials of the Oncology Center.

Among the statistics of more than 1700 days of aggression also, Human Eye Center for Rights and Development, an independent civil society organization that publishes periodic reports on civilian casualties and civilian infrastructure, issued a statistical report on the scale of civilian casualties suffered in Yemen for nearly five years by US-Saudi aggression.

The Center confirmed that 42,135 civilians were killed and wounded as a result of the direct shelling of the aggression coalition, especially the airstrikes that exceeded half a million raids and 2689 women. According to the report, killing and injuring children by direct shelling accounted for more than 25% of the total number of civilian victims.

We also remember the crime that took place against the girl “Buthaina”, which buzzed the world media for days in solidarity with her case which was called “Eye of Humanity” after she lost all her family in August 2017, but the world quickly forgot the crime as other crimes.

Likewise, the child girl Farah, whose happiness was stolen by cancer, when she was a child and at the age of innocence.

Scenes and diaries that summarize the horror of the humanitarian situation in Yemen, as a result of the continued aggression and blockade and the failure of the United Nations and the international community to deal with the issue with absolute seriousness, justice, humanity, and responsibility.

While spending fictional numbers spent as operating expenses and high salaries for workers in those organizations and crumbs of aid to some segments of society are presented in a humiliating and shameful way, the people may move from themselves to drive them out and live in dignity without them.

In Yemen, it is not strange to hear a child talking about the concerns and problems surrounding him.

In Yemen also you can say that here is the true face of the advocates of humanity, urbanization, and justice has been exposed, and you can also know the extent of the deception of the people by the falsity of international laws and covenants.


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