Israel Air Raids against Syria will not Go Unanswered

A senior Iranian official says Israel “will regret” committing acts of aggression against Syria, and that the Syrian and Lebanese nations will give a response to the Tel Aviv regime.

“Israeli airstrikes against Syria will not go unanswered, and Tel Aviv will regret having committed these crimes,” Ali Akbar Velayati, adviser to Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei on international affairs, said in an interview with Russia Today’s Arabic channel due to be aired on Tuesday night.

“Sooner or later, Israel will receive a response for its aerial attacks on and crimes in Syria,” he said, expressing hope that resistance forces in Syria and Lebanon would “stand against the crimes committed by the US and Israel.”

He said that “Israel cannot continue its unlawful aggression in the region with impunity.”

Velayati further dismissed as “propaganda” anti-Iran remarks made by Israeli officials, saying, “Tel Aviv is powerless and cannot carry out its threats against Iran.”

The Iranian official also said that the Lebanese Hezbollah resistance movement will “raze Israel to ground” if the regime dares to attack Lebanon.

The regime sporadically carries out such attacks via Lebanon’s skies against positions of pro-Damascus forces or what the regime usually claims to be Iranian targets in Syria, where Tehran has military advisors deployed.

At Syria’s request, Iran — along with Russia and Lebanon’s Hezbollah resistance movement — has been supporting the Syrian military’s efforts to cleanse the Arab country of terror groups, many of which have the support of Israel, the US and their regional allies.

Israel views the Islamic Republic’s advisers in Syria as a threat and has openly pledged to target them out until they leave the country.

Both Tehran and Damascus have rejected claims of Israeli attacks on Iranian targets as sheer lies and pointless propaganda.

Damascus has repeatedly called on the UN to adopt necessary measures to stop Israel’s acts of military aggression on the Arab country.

Source: Press TV

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