Mohamed Abdul Salam: Munabih massacre confirms the bloody way of aggression is continue

The head of the national delegation, Mohamed Abdul Salam, commented on the brutal crime committed by the Saudi regime, yesterday Wednesday, in the district of Munabih which killed and injured dozens of citizens, explaining that the crime confirms that the forces of aggression are continuing to be bloody, ignoring of the serious consequences of this, he referred to a military response

Abdul Salam added the Saudi regime committed a heinous crime that affected innocent people on a daily basis which added to their criminal record in Yemen.

The attack shelling killed 17 civilians and injured 21 others, most of them African immigrants, added to 23 deaths and 57 injuries were reported by the aggression’s attack on the same market last November.

The United Nations held the Saudi-led aggression responsible for two attacks on November 20th and 27th, that targeted a camp for African migrants in the same area of al-Raqw market of Sa’ada governoate.


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