Mohammad Ali Al-Houthi receives a message from the Chinese Ambassador to Yemen


Member of the Supreme Political Council Mohammed Ali al-Houthi received a letter from the Ambassador of the People’s Republic of China to Yemen, Kang Yong, confirming the Chinese government’s continuation of its efforts on act peace in Yemen, and strengthening the Sino-Yemeni relations.

Kang Yong said that “we will not allow any state to interfere in China’s internal affairs and exploit china’s Xinjiang issue, nor allow the friendship between China, Yemen, and other Arab and Muslim countries to be shaken”.

The letter included an explanation of what was being raised on the Chinese Xinjiang issue.

He accused the United States and Western countries of “being behind the media attack on his country, to harm the relationship between China, Yemen, and Arab and Islamic countries.”

He also stressed that his country’s government will continue its efforts to protect the freedom of religious belief of all Chinese nationalities and that it will not allow any country to interfere in Chinese internal affairs and take advantage of the Chinese Xinjiang issue, just as it will not allow the destabilization of friendship between China and Yemen and other Arab and Islamic countries.


قد يعجبك ايضا
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