FM sends letters to FMs of countries taking part in Kuala Lumpur Summit


On Thursday, Foreign Minister Hisham Sharaf sent letters to foreign ministers of the countries participating in the Islamic Kuala Lumpur Summit held in the Malaysian capital during December 18-21, 2019.

In the letters, the Foreign Minister expressed regret that the Republic of Yemen was unable to participate in this important international event due to the aggression and blockade on Yemen by the coalition countries, members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

The aggression’s countries have practiced the policy of economic war and systematic collective punishment against the Yemeni people since March 26, 2015, he explained.

The number of dead and injured civilians in Yemen as a result of the aggression exceeded 250,000 people, according to statistics of international human rights organizations, he referred.

“The military aggression and the siege have caused the worst humanitarian catastrophe in modern times, which has affected millions of Yemenis,” he said.

The Foreign Minister reiterated the position of the political leadership, represented by the Supreme Political Council and the Salvation Government, which supports peace and calls for a comprehensive political settlement.

He affirmed that the international and regional trends support ending the war and the political settlement in Yemen under the auspices of the UN envoy.

This trend would constitute the first step for Islamic Cooperation Organization to demonstrate its ability to defend and protect the rights of its members, he added.


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