Army with Committees defeat aggression infiltration attempt in Jizan


The Yemeni army with popular committees repulsed an infiltration attempt carried out by the Saudi-led aggression mercenaries in Jizan border province, a military source said.

A number of the mercenaries were killed and wounded in the operation off al-Dood mountain.

The army also targeted military groups of the mercenaries in the same province, leaving heavy casualties on the mercenaries’ ranks.

Earlier on Friday the Yemeni army has successfully hit a Saudi base in Najran belonging to the country’s border guards with a ballistic missile in a retaliatory attack that killed and wounded dozens of Saudi forces, says the Army spokesman.

The spokesman for Yemen’s armed forces, Brigadier General Yahya Sarie, said that the missile was a Badr P-1 which hit Ber Askar camp in Najran.

The retaliation came after a Saudi airstrike on a popular market in Yemen’s mountainous northwestern province of Saada Tuesday, in the third deadly assault on the same location in just over a month.

The UN on Thursday strongly condemned the Saudi attack on al-Raqou market in the Munbih district of the province, which claimed the lives of 17 civilians, including 12 Ethiopian migrants.

The attacks on al-Raqou market raise deeply troubling questions about the commitment of the parties to the conflict to uphold international humanitarian law,” Lise Grande, the UN Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator in Yemen said.


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