The Ministry of Health spokesman mocks aggression’s channels lies about looting aid

The spokesman of the Ministry of Public Health and Population, Dr. Yusef al-Hadri, ridiculed aggression’s media’s allegations about the Ministry’s looting of funds for polio vaccination campaigns.

Dr. al-Hadri stressed that these cheap deals are ridiculous, and they fall within the framework of the vulgar media misinformation that has been perpetrated by the trumpets of aggression during the 1700 days of its aggression against Yemen.

He added that the Ministry of Health is preparing the detailed technical and financial plan that was distributed on the launch day of the campaign in the presence of the leadership of the government and the supporting organizations in a gesture that is the first of its kind carried out by the Ministry to enhance transparency in this work.

He also pointed out that these funds go directly from the supporting organization to the beneficiaries, whether through the governorates or the money changers.


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