1,226 advances foiled, 1686 military operations , 16643 sniper operations and 3932 operations of the Shield and Engineering units carried out


In 2019, the army’s snipers units carried out 16,643 operations, distributed between sniping 228 Saudi soldiers, 142 Sudanese mercenaries and 16,050 local mercenaries, including 66 field commanders, and sniping 221 vehicles, sniper weapons and shooting down two reconnaissance planes.

The army’s anti-armor units carried out 1,180 operations, which targeted 192 military vehicles carrying personnel and military equipment, 138 armored vehicles, 40 various bulldozers, 40 tanks, 26 cars, 155 heavy and medium machine guns, 95 fortifications, and 494 gatherings of commanders, individuals and vehicles.

The military engineering unit carried out 2,752 operations, of which 1,803 targeted gatherings and fortifications and 769 targeted the enemy’s vehicles, including armored and tanks.

“Our forces successfully responded to more than 1,226 military operations of the aggression coalition and its mercenaries,” Brig. Sarie said.

He noted that the number of military operations carried out by the army forces and popular committees in 2019 reached 1686 operations along the theater of combat operations, the most notably the operation of liberating areas in Dhalea province, “Nasr Min Allah” operation in its first and second stages, and a large military denomination that has not been announced.

The spokesman indicated that the year 2019 witnessed the announcement of various military industries, including ballistic missile systems that entered service for the first time and achieved great successes.


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