The Martyrs Foundation completes the preparation of gifts for the martyrs’ families

The Martyrs Foundation for the Care and Rehabilitation of the Families of the Martyrs completed the preparation of gifts for the martyrs’ families presented by the foundation on the occasion of the martyr’s anniversary.

The Acting Executive Director of the foundation, Hussein Al-Qadi, told the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) that all the equipment for the martyr’s anniversary has been completed.

He pointed to the keenness of the leader of the revolution and the leadership of the Supreme Political Council to support the families of the martyrs and alleviate their suffering , pointing out that the foundation will provide various gifts to the families of the martyrs, including shields and a food basket for each family of a martyr, in addition to a salary and a half on this occasion.

Al-Qadi considered this step the least that can be offered to the families of those who gave their lives for the sake of defending the land, purpose and national sovereignty , indicating that gifts will be distributed in all provinces through the foundation’s branches on the next 13 Jumad.

He pointed out that the Foundation will participate in organizing many different activities and activities commemorating the martyr in all governorates in coordination with the local councils and the endowment and education offices.


تليقرام انصار الله
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