War on Yemen includes its sea, but with less penalized for crimes

The fishing career has become a threat to the life and safety of Yemeni fishermen, and many of them have suffered extreme poverty, as most of them live below the poverty line, as a result of the violations they are exposed to by the US-Saudi-Emirati alliance.

The war on Yemen also includes the sea, but with less penalized, in the Yemeni sea civilians are also killed in large numbers, Yemeni fishermen are denied the search for their livelihood; rather, they have become a military target in a country that was ravaged by a grinding war and famine that has put about 20 million people below the poverty line.

On the beaches of Al-Hodeidah, where thousands of Yemeni fishermen live, where they are exposed to gunfire from gunboats that killed and wounded them at sea, destroy their boats and confiscate their equipment, they are also subjected to arbitrary detention and subject to torture and other cruel and degrading treatment.

On December, 17 Yemeni fishermen were severely tortured and beaten by Yemeni-funded militia in the islands of Hunaish and Zuqar, in western Yemen.

Sources said that the fishermen were subjected to the most severe torture by soldiers affiliated with the UAE, after their detention for three days, in which there are forces following Tariq Saleh, son of the brother of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

As well as on December 27, 2019, the Ministry of Fisheries in Sana’a revealed that the UAE is using a ship as a floating prison at sea to detain fishermen. The ministry indicated that the Emirati ship, which bears the name “Abu Dhabi” with Eritrean and Sudanese soldiers on board, is chasing fishermen and taking them with their ships to Eritrea, where the UAE has a military base.


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