The fifth within hours .. A spy plane shot down in Jizan


The Yemen army’s air defenses ,Wednesday, shot down a spy plane belonging to American-Saudi aggression forces off al-Dair area on the frontier front of Jizan.

The aggression spy plane was downed while carrying out hostile missions, a miliary official said.

The Yemeni air defenses , yesterday, managed to shoot down two spy planes of Sudanese forces affiliated with the coalition; the first in the airspace of al-Durayhimi district in Hodeidah province, and the second al-Tina area of Hiran district in Hajjah province,.

The army’s air defenses, Monday,  downed two spy planes belonging to the aggression, one of them is of “Karayel” type and was shot down in al-Salif area in Hodeidah, while the second was downed in Razih district of Saada province.


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