632 civilians martyred ,wounded by the aggression forces in Saada province during 2019


The number of martyrs and wounded due to the fire of the American-Saudi aggression on Sa’ada governorate during 2019 was more than 632 martyrs and wounded.

The Office of Human Rights issued statistics in Sa’ada, confirmed that there are 150 martyrs, including 24 children, 7 women, and 119 men, while the total number of wounded has reached more than 362, including 46 children, 23 women and 143 men.

The number of violations of the aggression forces in the governorate through missile and artillery shelling heavy and medium weapons of all kinds amounted to more than 7500 violations.

Statistics indicate that the total number of air strikes on Sa’ada Governorate amounted to more than 1319 air strikes, 9 cluster bombs, 3 light bombs and one landmine, while Saudi Border Guard violations exceeded 56 violations.

Statistics confirm that 155 residential areas, 417 residential buildings, 3 government facilities and 1 health center were damaged, in addition to 3 schools, 9 bridges and roads, 6 communication networks and 6 markets.

66 farms, 2 reservoirs and networks, water and 15 means of transportation, 10 livestock, one relief center, 9 camps, one mosque and 24 other facilities were damaged.


تليقرام انصار الله
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