Military media distributes thermal scenes of monitoring ,shooting down the Kareyel plane in Hodeidah


The Yemeni army’s military media ,Thursday evening ,published a video showing thermal scenes of downing a Kareyel spy plane of American-Saudi aggression in Hodeidah province.

They showed the moments of monitoring and shooting down the Kareyel spy plane while carrying out hostilities in the atmosphere of al-Salif district, Hodeidah province on Monday, December 30.

Before that, the war media had distributed scenes of the plane crash and the parts that remain of it in the Hodeidah coast.

The missile force launched the new year 2020 AD with shooting down a reconnaissance plane off the Dair in Jizan.

It is noteworthy that the Turkish-made “Kareyel” aircraft produced by the company “Vestel”, which is a reconnaissance fighter pilotless drone equipped with missiles, which is characterized by the integration of a surveillance and electro-optical / infrared control system, which allows it to detect and hit targets.

Its wings are 13 m long and 6.5 m long. The drone can also take off and land automaticly ,is equipped with anti-jamming systems and equipped with 22 MAM-L missiles kg, diameter 160 mm, and length 1000 mm , and its range is 14 km.



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