4 bakeries closed in the capital Sana’a


Ministry of Industry and Trade ,Thursday, closed four bakeries in the capital Sanaa for violating the weight of bread, based on reports from citizens to the Ministry’s operations on toll free number 174.

A bakery was closed in al-Qadisiyah neighborhood of al-Sabeen district, a bakery in Hayel Street in Ma’een district, and two bakeries in Musik area of Azal district, General Director of Major Operations Room at the Ministry Najeeb al-Athri explained.

The operations room received, during last December, 200 reports on price violations in the capital Sanaa and the provinces and re-directed these reports to the competent authorities to take actions in accordance with the law, al-Athri added.

He indicated that the field committees in the capital and the provinces carry out a campaign to monitor the markets daily and to take the necessary and deterrent measures against violators manipulating prices and weights in bakeries.


تليقرام انصار الله
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