The central bank calls on citizens to benefit the time to change illegal currency

The Yemeni Central Bank in Sana’a called on citizens to take advantage of the remaining time limit to change the illegal currency and get compensation, which will end on January 18.

The Central Bank confirmed, in a statement, the incorrectness of what was promoted about the extension of the previous period limited by the bank.

He also called on citizens and various economic components to beware of trading in the illegal currency because the decision to ban is final and was taken to achieve the public interest and preserve the economy.

The statement added, “the state of public awareness that was embodied in response to the bank’s decision is evidence of the awareness of its counterpart of the dangers of the illegal currency and its disastrous effects on the exchange rate and commodity price stability.”

The central bank pointed out that public awareness rejecting currency trading will be the most important pillars for reforming monetary policy that was destroyed by the bank’s branch in Aden under the supervision of the aggression countries.

The people of various segments have proven that the falsehood and misleading of the enemy’s media against the decision have no value, and the street today is biased to relieve it of the destructive policies pursued by the Bank of Aden from catastrophic printing as well as speculation at exchange rates and others. “

The statement also renewed the call for all state institutions, the commercial sector, and citizens to support the Central Bank of Yemen in restoring the course of monetary policy to its natural scientific path that serves the economy and the citizen.


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