Emirates prisons extend to the sea , Saudi Arabia continues attacking fishermen in Aden


Between the whine of the fishermen and the state of tampering by foreign ships in the coasts of Yemen and its territorial waters, the aggression countries continue to practice the most heinous crimes against fishermen and fish wealth, not to mention the deliberate pollution to the marine environment in the Red Sea.

After the Saudi-American aggression forces had tortured 17 fishermen in Hanish Island, on the western coast of Yemen, Saudi forces  on January 2, 2020 attacked Yemeni fishermen in the city of Aden.

Saudi forces attacked a fishing boat 8 nautical miles from Ras al-Gharib in Aden , and the Saudi forces began shooting at the fishermen, wounding three fishermen, one of them in serious condition, local sources said .

The Saudi forces intentionally left the injured bleeding inside the boat and left after discovering that they were just fishermen, so that fishing boats ,close to the accident site, assisted the injured, according to the sources.

The sources attributed the reasons for the assault on the fishermen to the state of harassment practiced by the countries of aggression against the fishermen in order to prevent them from descending to the sea, which aggravate the suffering of hundreds of Yemeni families, at a time when foreign ships were allowed to drift fish and bury toxic waste on the sea floor, which caused collective death For fish that have appeared repeatedly in the past two years and in large quantities on the coasts of the southern and eastern provinces.

Due to the recent Saudi aggression against the fishermen, dozens of fishermen gathered in front of Al-Maaseq Palace to demand the departure of the occupation forces.

Dozens of fishermen from Hadhramaut and Al-Khokha later arrived at the fishing port in Sirah, Tawahi district to join the protesters who threw with stones Saudi armored vehicles, which were attached to the main gate.

Southern activists described the situation in the Sirah district as being on a tin of fire resulting in protests, anger and road blocking by the Yemeni fishermen due to the injury and killing of the fishermen during the trapping .
Activists in a series of tweets on “Twitter” said that the UAE prevents fishermen from hunting, prevents travelers from Aden and Seun airport, and prevents oil fields from exploration and exportation.

Yemeni fishermen live in constant fear because of the dangers they face at sea as a result of the warships surrounding Yemen.

Emirati Prison at the Sea

The aggression countries have converted one of the warships of the Emirati navy into a floating prison for Yemeni fishermen whom they kidnapped them from the sea, especially from the Yemeni waters.

In a previous press statement, Minister of Fisheries ,Mohamed Al-Zubairi said that an Emirati ship is used as a floating prison at sea to detain fishermen, and they submitted more than one complaint to international organizations ,adding, “We formed a joint committee from the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Fish Resources and Coast Guard to follow up the file of fishermen’s detention.

 Chemical Pollutants in the Red Sea

Crime of aggression at sea is not limited to their repeated attacks on fishermen but exceeded to what is more dangerous than that, whereas the Director General of Oversight and Inspection at the Ministry of Fisheries, “Muhammad Abbas al-Faqih,” revealed that the ministry received about 12 reports from fishermen about that the foreign ships, under consideration and supervision of the warships of the aggression ,threw chemical pollutants in the international sea lane in the Red Sea.

Muhammad al-Faqih said that the proliferation of aggression battleships on the Yemeni waters borders prevented the seizure of ships carrying chemical pollution in the Red Sea region, stressing that the reports received by Yemeni fishermen about that the foreign ships threw chemical pollutants in the Red Sea do not represent only 10% of the actual reality.

He explained that the chemical destruction to the marine environment is much more dangerous than the bottom dredging operations, as it eliminates all forms of life and its impact extends for centuries , pointing out that the chemical pollutants that are being thrown eliminate the existing living organisms.

He emphasized that there are Emirati companies that are systematically destroying the marine environment of the Yemeni islands in Hanish archipelago and Zaqr, which is bulldozing and uprooting the coral reefs and transporting them to the Emirates , explaining that the longitudinal meter of coral reefs that are being uprooted needs 150 years to grow again which reflects the enormity of the UAE offense against the marine environment of the Red Sea and Yemen’s right there.




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