80 American killed in missile strike on US base of Ein Al-Assad in Iraq

Iranian media have reported that at least 280 Americans were killed and wounded in the missile strike on the American base of Ein Al-Asad in Iraqi Anbar Province.

The Iranian “Tasnim” news agency quoted a source familiar with the Revolutionary Guards intelligence as saying: “At least 104 targets have been identified among the targets of the Americans and their allies in the region, which will be attacked if the Americans again make any mistake.”

The source pointed out that at least 80 American soldiers were killed and about 200 were wounded in this attack.

The attack also caused severe damage to a number of drones, helicopters and many military equipment, added the source.

The source pointed out that “in the missile attack at dawn on Wednesday, 15 missiles hit the base of Ein al-Assad, and none of them was intercepted by the American terrorist army’s radar system.”

The sources indicated that the wounded were transported to Baghdad by helicopter, and the American army has requested assistance from the Iraqi health sector.

The US military base in Ain al-Assad, Iraq, is one of the most important bases in which all American drones and helicopters are present. It has 4,000 American soldiers.

Source: Agencies.

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