Emirates Transitional Council threatens to expel and deport the fugitive Hadi government

The deputy head of the media department in the so-called Emirati-backed “Transitional Council”, Mansour Saleh, threatened to deport the government of the fugitive Hadi headed by Moeen Abdulmalik via any livestock ship to Eritrea.

Saleh stressed that the secession of southern Yemen from its north is an irreversible issue and that the hotel government is an occupation authority and no one can prevent the southerners from regaining their state.

Regarding the arrest of the transitional council, the activities of its committees in the Riyadh agreement, he said that the arrest came in protest against what he called “brutal attacks” by government forces in the governorates of Abyan and Shabwa.

Mansour said, “if the coalition did not shackle our hands and tying our fingers off the trigger, we would have managed, moved, and defeated the terrorist “Brotherhood” militias that came to Abyan and Shabwa.”

Regarding the possibility of the collapse of the Riyadh agreement, he said, “we are on our land and we have the strength that we can defend. We who brought down Ali Abdullah Saleh at the height of his power, and we cannot defeat this dilapidated government fleeing in Riyadh’s exiles and discos and cabarets.”


تليقرام انصار الله
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