A Child kills and new crimes of aggression in Sa’ada and Hodeidah

The US-Saudi aggression mercenaries continued to attack several areas in Hodeidah province, in a new violation of the ceasefire agreement in the province during the past few hours, a military source said on Sunday.

It also fired over 13 artillery shells at Shajan village in Durayhimi district.

The source added that the al-Udian junction in Hays districted was hit by more than 30 artillery shells by coalition forces, resulting in heavy losses of citizens’ property.

As well as a child, was killed and his brother was injured when aggression’s cluster bomb remnants exploded in al-Zubairat area of the Ketaf district of Saada governorate.

Meanwhile, the aggression forces launched artillery attacks on several areas in Saada province, northern Yemen, the bombardments hit Bani Sayah area in Razih border district, leaving damages to civilians’ properties.


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