A medical conference in Sana’a aims to activate the quality control in laboratories

The first conference of laboratory medicine was held in Sana’a, organized by the Ministry of Health represented by the National Center for Central Health Laboratories under the slogan “Laboratory Medicine – Reality and Ambition”.

The conference discuss 21 working papers in the field of laboratory medicine, centered on the stages of it and the overall quality in laboratory medicine, in addition to factors affecting the quality of the results of laboratory tests, as well as recent discoveries and techniques used in the detection of genetic, infectious and chronic diseases.

The three-days conference, which concluded its works on Monday, included 450 participants from academics, university professors.

It aimed to activate the supervisory role and quality control in the laboratories and scientific research between the outputs of education and the health sector, as well as to raise the level of competence in the medical analysis and scientific research.


تليقرام انصار الله
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