Gov’t meeting discusses mobilizing energies to resist occupation


The Cabinet in its Wednesday meeting chaired by Prime Minister Dr. Abdulaziz bin Habtoor, discussed mobilization of energies at the level of the large Yemeni homeland to resist the occupation in the occupied southern and eastern provinces.

In the presence of the Shura Council Speaker Mohammed al-Aidarous, Advisor to the Presidency Maj. Gen. Khalid Barras, Advisor to the Supreme Political Council Maj. Gen. Ahmed Ali Mohsen, members of the Shura and Parliament from the southern and eastern provinces, and governors of those provinces, the meeting reviewed the general scene in those provinces under the Saudi-Emirati occupation in light of the tyranny of traitor projects and the absence of the national project.

The meeting dealt with a draft national plan of political, social and media work for the coming period in the southern and eastern provinces, as well as aspects related to implementing projects in these provinces in the framework of the national vision for building the Yemeni state were discussed in the meeting.

In the meeting, the Cabinet approved that the governors, each within the framework of his province, hold meetings with national, political, media and social figures to discuss the draft plan.

The meeting focused on the great responsibility shouldered by Sanaa towards the national cause and its constants, foremost among which are the Yemeni unity, resisting the occupation and supporting the national project against the occupiers.


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