A citizen martyred by the mercenaries sniper fire in Qa’taba , Al-Dhalea


A citizen from Dhalea province was martyred,Monday, by a sniper of the aggression mercenaries.

“The aggression snipers shot at the citizen while he was standing in front of his home in Bayt al-Sharji in Qa’taba district, killing him immediately,” a security source in the province said.

 Many of the citizens ’homes and farms in the mountainous area of Al-Tahita district in Hodeidah were subjected to major material damage as a result of exposure to 3 Katyusha rockets fired by the aggression forces, it added.

A child was seriously injured in a Saudi bombing of Razih district, and two citizens were wounded by Saudi border guards in the Shada district of Saada.



قد يعجبك ايضا