Two children injured as a bomb from the remnants of aggression explodes in Durayhmi district, Hodeidah


Two children were injured ,Tuesday, in a cluster bomb blast of the Saudi-American aggression remaining in Hodeidah province.

The cluster bomb exploded in al-Jarba village of Durayhmi district, wounding the children seriously, a security source said.

 The forces of aggression during the past hours intensified their artillery and missile shelling on the mountainous area of Al-Tahita District, it targeted the 50th Street, Sana’a Street, Al-Shaab City and Jabaliya with machine guns and a Czech sniper, and that the aggression forces targeted the city of Al-Drahami, which is besieged by many mortar shells, it pointed out.

It is worth noting that the national party has completed all the provisions of the truce agreement, the last of which is the establishment of a landing ground for United Nations aircraft a few days ago, while the other party has not implemented any of the terms of the agreement.

تليقرام انصار الله
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