Ten air strikes of the American-Saudi aggression attack on Nehm district ,Sana’a

Today, Wednesday, the Saudi-American aggression air force launched 10 air strikes on Nehm district in Sana’a province.

The aggression flight targeted Nehm district with 10 air strikes, indicating that the aggression aircraft launched yesterday 5 raids on the Nehm district, a security source confirmed .

The aggression launched two air strikes on the Anbar region in the Al-Matoon district of al-Jawf, it added.

 The aggression forces continued to violate the truce agreement in al-Hodeidah, targeting the al-Faza and al-Jabalya areas in al-Tahita district, with several rocket and artillery shells, which led to the damage of a number of citizens’ homes, it pointed out.

It is worth noting that today, Razih border directorate was subjected to intense Saudi missile and artillery shelling.


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