The millionth exit in Iraq a historical event ,a step towards expelling the American occupation: the Salvation Government Spokesperson


Official spokesman of the National Salvation Government, the Minister of Information, Daifullah Al-Shami, praised the “million-man” demonstration against US presence in the capital, Baghdad, describing it as a historical event and a step towards expelling the US occupation.

Al-Shami said on Twitter: “The massive demonstration in Iraq is a historical event and a step in the right direction to expel US forces from the region.”

Al-Shami added: “Yemen has proved that the mass demonstration is capable of bringing down US hegemony and the people of the region are able to end the US presence.”

The Iraqi capital, Baghdad, witnessed Friday a “million-man” demonstration against US presence, in which all Iraqi parties from various provinces participated, demanding the expel of US troops from the country.


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