Hezbollah: Iraqis Announced Absolute Rejection of US Occupation Perching on Homeland

Hezbollah considered that the Iraqi people confirmed Friday its absolute rejection of the US occupation, saluting the blessed and loyal masses that underscored Iraq’s national unity and consensual stand against US hegemony.

The million-man rallies which filled Baghdad streets and squares emphasized that the free Iraqis have never consented to the continuation of the US occupation perching on the homeland, according to a statement issued by Hezbollah on Friday.

The statement added that the dignified and courageous stances announced in Baghdad were a sincere expression of the situation in Arab and Islamic Umma which has got fed up with the US occupation and its domination over its capabilities and its resources.

Hezbollah hoped that Friday’s rallies start massive demonstrations across the Arab and Islamic world and lead to the liberation of the region from the US occupation and its tools.

The great Iraqi people with all its factions, parties, and diverse political directions will be loyal to this great march and its principles, goals, as well as slogans, according to the statement, which added that the Iraqis would strive to let them be the starting point for having a free, unified, dignified, and independent Iraq, expected to become free of foreign occupation troops and their influence.

Iraqis staged a huge protest on Friday calling for the expulsion of all US forces in their country.

The million-man march all massed under grey skies in the Jadiriyah district of east Baghdad. Iraqis in Karbala city, south of Baghdad, were also seen boarding buses heading towards the capital.

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