The Presidential Office inaugurates the program of the first phase of the national vision for state building


The Office of the Presidency of the Republic on Sunday inaugurated the program of the first phase of the national vision for building the modern Yemeni state “steadfastness and economic recovery”.

At the inauguration, Director of the Presidential Office Ahmed Hamed stressed it is important that the political leadership has a vision to build the modern Yemeni state, adding that the possession of the national vision, despite the aggression and the blockade, is considered a success in itself.

“The previous regimes did not have any vision for building the state, but rather had a vision to build stocks and investments abroad,” Hamed said.

Hamed explained that the Office of the Presidency occupies a very important position for its direct association with head of the state as a technical, administrative and financial body concerned with assisting the presidency institution in carrying out its constitutional and legal tasks by presenting perceptions, opinions, proposals, analyzing data and information, and providing advice that serve the presidential decision-making process.

He noted to the role entrusted to the Office in implementing the vision as an assistant technical body for the President and concerned with following up the implementation of the decisions and directives related to the implementation of the national vision through the specialized technical departments of the office and the executive unit created for this purpose.


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