Human Rights Minister: We will prepare legal files for crimes committed against childhood

Human Rights Minister, Radhia Raweh, called to hold perpetrators of war crimes, in Yemen, responsible. She considered the recruiting of children by the aggression forces as on of the crimes that should be investigated.

The Minister applaud the release of 64 children, captured while fighting with US-Saudi mercenaries, by the Ministry of Defense. She pointed out that this step is confirming that the revolutionary and political leadership deals positively with international covenants.

The minister told Almasirah TV that the ministry will prepare legal files to hold the perpetrators of recruiting children accountable in addition to targeting civilians. She stated that the children were captured on the front lines, in a clear violation of the international laws.

The Minister also said that “the US-Saudi mercenaries recruit hundreds of children from several governorates. That is a major crime.” She pointed out that the US-Saudi aggression took advantage of the children’s difficult economic situation. “These Yemeni children are put in the front lines,” adding that “the international community ignore humanitarian cases in Yemen.”

The National Committee for Prisoners’ Affairs handed over 64 children that were recruited by the forces of aggression and captured on the front lines, to the Ministry of Social Affairs under the auspices of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).


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